EX-TAZ citizen ca$h

a film by Xanaé Bove
1 h 37 min
Production : Xanaé Bove
Langue : Français
Image : Couleur
Son : Stéréo
Format : DCP
Versions disponibles : VENG

1987-1994 : Paris belonged to us, everything was possible... For the first time, the 90s seen from the inside by its actors and activists. When history (rave parties, hip hop, hardcore punk...) meets the stories of Pat Ca$h, Gatsby of the late 80s.

Un avant-goût d’EX-TAZ

It’s not so much about finding PAT Ca$h as it is about getting lost in this Paris -provisionally- won.

This film is first and foremost a tribute to the pioneers -of the shadows. The portrait of a generation that appropriated the city and thwarted the the festival calendar, creating its own places, its own dates.

A permanent Carpe Diem, celebrating ad aeternam the present moment rather than the No Future. Such a sense of the moment that there are hardly any snapshots, photos, videos.

Except maybe, PAT Ca$h at midnight, towards Bastille on car hoods, Romanesque does not give the Romanesque does not give appointments; it is lived.

It is of the order of the Ineffable, of the fable.

Xanaé BOVE